Johan B Larsen AS (Ltd)

Johan B Larsen AS (Ltd) was established in 1952 by Johan B Larsen.

Today, the company is run by Arne Johan Larsen, the 3rd generation owner/manager. The company runs a conventional fish landing station and factory with 14 full-time employees and 30-40 seasonal workers, and buys 3-4,000,000 kg of fish a year.
Johan B Larsen AS (Ltd) owns and operates large areas of land in Moskenes and Å where stockfish is produced by hanging the cod out to dry on fish racks.
Johan B Larsen AS (Ltd) concentrates for the most part on the landing, processing and sale of quality fish. This is possible due to our close proximity to the natural resources – which are literally right outside our door.

Johan B Larsen’s main product is stockfish, and approximately 700 tons of fish a year are hung out to dry on the fish racks. The company also produces salted fish, fresh fish and sugar salted roes. Johan B Larsen AS (Ltd) also holds a 30% share in two coastal fishing companies.

Johan B Larsen AS. Processing and export of stockfish, salted fish and fresh fish ...

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