Our Products

Johan B Larsen’s main product is stockfish, and every year approximately 700 tons of fish are hung out to dry on the fish racks.

Stockfish is a pure and healthy commodity, completely void of artificial preservatives and additives. The processing method is resource-friendly and without doubt the least energy intensive in the world. All the goodness of fresh fish is preserved in stockfish, only the water is removed. Lofoten is one of the best places in the world for producing stockfish, and the further west you get in Lofoten, the better the drying conditions. Stockfish is normally divided into 17 quality categories. About 70% of Johan B Larsen’s stockfish is exported to Italy, where the greatest demands are made on quality.

Salted fish is processed, packed and sent to markets at home and abroad, especially Spain and Portugal.

Fresh fish is packed in polystyrene or plastic crates and sent to markets at home and abroad. We ship about 1000 crates of iced fresh fish a day during the winter season (approx. 20 kg per crate).

Johan B Larsen AS. Processing and export of stockfish, salted fish and fresh fish ...

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