Johan B Larsen’s fish landing station and factory is situated in Moskenes, on the island of Moskenesøya which is the outermost of the islands referred to as mainland Lofoten – farthest out to sea and nearest to Værøy and Røst. Proximity to the fishing grounds in the Vestfjord and the Norwegian Sea is one of our major advantages, and something which ensures that the fish we buy is always fresh. In the winter, the Norwegian Atlantic cod come down here from the Barents Sea to spawn in and around Lofoten, as they have for thousands of years. This forms the basis of the world’s greatest cod fishery, the Lofoten Fishery, which goes on right outside our door.


Moskenes is 5 km east of Å i Lofoten, which is the terminus of the E10. There are daily ferry links between Moskenes and Bodø. Good roads and ferry links, together with the company’s efficient distribution channels, enable us to send fresh fish to the markets on the very same day as it is caught, thus ensuring maximum freshness and quality.

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